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...I'm having a zombie day. Anybody got some spare brains I can eat?

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I think mine has run away from too much boozing and too little sleep. It might've had the right idea - if it has any sense at all, it'll be hidden in my bed taking a nap while I'm at work.

You think I'd learn... twice in one week of drinking too much and not making it to bed before going to work? Possibly not smart. Fortunately, I can pull it off...

I feel like mine have been slowly leaking out my ears, so I'm sure you'd be welcome to some of mine ;-)

I'll take whatever I can get.

How you been?

Not bad... Still a bit of a hermit, but I've been volunteering for Heart & Stroke, and that's been going well, so getting back to the working world isn't too far away :-)

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