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Good news, bad news.
The good news is, my stomach is empty. The bad news is, I'm sure of that.

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And so? What lead to this situation? Too much to drink last night? ;-)

Hope that you're feeling better soon!

Alas... no. It was regrettably a virus.

Feeling a bit better today. Went to work, even.

I hear you're coming into town soonish?

Glad to hear that you're on the road to recovery!

Yes, we're planning on coming to Montreal this weekend. Our friends have gotten married and we're coming up for the party! Plans are still a sketchy at the moment, we're not sure about timing or where we're staying. Is that offer of the couch still open? The celebration is Saturday afternoon, 1 hour north of the city. Beyond that, plans are open until we return on Monday. Are you around this weekend?


Sure, as long as you don't mind two very friendly cats, you're welcome on our futon!

We're fine with cats! In fact, we're happy to visit with cats since ours have passed on. How's Friday night for a visit and sleep over? We'd probably get in after 9pm sometime. The party is Saturday afternoon in Ste-Adèle and we're going to stay at a place 2KM the site. ;-) Sundays plans are still open at this point however, 'feelers' are out!

Sounds good to me. Do either of you play poker?

LOL I haven't since the strip poker game on my graduation night from high school. LOL ladygiggles may however not anytime recently... What are you thinking?

We often play poker on Friday nights. I was wondering if you were interested?


Feeling better?

Somewhat. Went to Hurley's last night and had them make me a hot toddy.

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